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GOD CALLING: Spiritual Poems to Refresh the Soul

Price: 7.00 GBP
Sometimes we need to be quiet in the midst of all our busyness, so we can hear the still, small Voice of One Who loves and wants to comfort us. "God Calling" is a collection of poems from some of life's experiences, and the echo of God's voice throughout. As you read, may it touch an answering chord deep within. Take time to be still so you can heed and answer to ... "God Calling". NB: Book price includes p&p (and FREE gift!)

BLACK LOVE MATTERS: Black to the Love

Price: 8.00 GBP
“Black Love Matters: Black to the Love” highlights the beauty, uniqueness and sweetness of Black Love, not by excluding that of other cultures, but in a purposeful effort to help it recognise its own beauty and worth. Black Love Matters will help us to remember we come from love, were made in love and ought to live and walk out our lives - in love. So welcome to “Black Love Matters: Black to the Love”; for we can only continue our journey by going “black” to the beginning. NB: Book price includes p&p (and FREE gift!)

POEMS FOR LOVERS & OTHERS: The Romance Renaissance

Price: 10.00 GBP
A selection of love poems for lovers and others, is purposefully designed to pioneer a (long-awaited and overdue!) romance renaissance. It's time to bring back the loving feeling. Those good old days of holding hands, sharing straws, a walk in the park. Those simple things yet meaningful which simply say, "I love you", to all those special people in your life! Get ready for the romance renaissance revival! NB: Book price includes p&p (and FREE gift!)


Price: 12.00 GBP
This book will open a door, your secret door, to let in a ray of light so you can begin to unearth and deal with all your own hidden and secret issues. An honest and raw insight into some of the milestones of an ordinary woman on an extraordinary journey of live, love and self-discovery, "She Who Walks Alone with One", is sure to be a guiding light to help readers find their own way on their own path. Each turn of the page will remind you – you have never been alone – nor ever will be. May your healing begin as you walk through these pages. NB: Book price includes p&p.


Price: 14.00 GBP
The "Touching the Hem of His Garment: Prayer & Devotional Book" is a collaborative labour of love by Shalisa Anthony and contributors from the Ministry of Restoration (MOR) International Pentecostal Church. The prayer devotional will help readers acquire practical strategies in their prayer life, so they can actively to touch the heart of God. These strategies include action points, a poetry pause and a "Touching the Hem of His Garment" section at the end of each chapter. So take the prayer challenge; let your faith touch the Hem of His Garment and let His love, grace and mercy set you free! NB: The book price includes p&p.