"Writing in Colour"

For Shalisa, writing is a way of life. She epitomises the quote "back of an envelope", as many of her creations all started life on the back of an envelope, dinner napkin - and gas bill!

Shalisa likes to "write in colour", so readers can be drawn into the emotions and the ethos of the word-pictures she seeks to create. 

Her first book "She Who Walks Alone with One" was first published in 2012.  The revised edition is now due for release in 2018.


Shalisa currently lives in the UK, where she worked in several public sector and government departments for over 30 years.  Having recently retired, Shalisa is currently providing full-time home care for her elderly parent, which has enabled her to pursue her writing and other creative ventures – as well as care for her mother, of course!  

She's also actively involved in supporting ministries, especially those which are women-centred, in particular, "Women on the Frontline" (WOFM).  For more information, click on the WOFM link. 

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