A Platform for Women's Voices!

From my passion for women's interests and ministry, I set up the S & A Women's Promotions (SAWP) not-for-profit organisation, to give women a platform from which they can share their life stories, experiences and testimonies. 

SAWP is for "Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Stories" being able to share, encourage and empower others like themselves. 

So, from a back-of-an-envelope moment in September 2017, SAWP has hosted and facilitated THREE events in 2018 - and more is planned for 2019, glory to God!   The last SAWP event in October 2018, "When Eve Writes", saw the birth of a baby organisation "Esther's Heartbeart" (EHB).  EHB will promote and provide a platform for both women AND men to share their mutual and individual stories - cos we all know that men have stories and life experiences too! 

For more information about SAWP, what we do and for an opportunity to share YOUR story at one of our events,  
Visit www.sawomenspromotions.org 
Email: sawomenspromotions@gmail.com
Tel: 07533 747834 


Women on the Frontline Ministries (WOFM)

Women on the Frontline Ministries is an outreach Christian charity, founded in 2012.  The heart vision of Sophia Burley, WOFM is passionate about reaching out and helping to make a REAL and POSITIVE difference in the lives of vulnerable women, those at risk of sexual exploitation and involved in prostitution. 

As a organisation, WOFM want women to know their self-worth, remind them that they DO have choices, empower them to overcome barriers to change and let them know that we, as an organisation, genuinely care about their well being and will always treat them with love, respect and a non-judgemental attitude. 

As the WOFM Team often says "when a vision is bigger than you, it must be God!".  

For more information about the Women on the Frontline and how YOU can help us help women to escape trafficking, get life skills training and safely exit the sex industry, please contact:  

Women on the Frontline Ministries
Safe Women’s Project
C/O Barkingside Methodist Church
Fremantle Road
Essex IG6 2AZ

Email: info@wofm.org.uk
Tel: 07535 604739

Registration Charity Number 1150842