5. Nov, 2018

The "Touching the Hem of His Garment" Prayer & Devotion book, is a collaborative labour of love by Shalisa Anthony and contributors from the Ministry of Restoration International Pentecostal Church, London, UK.

What issues are causing you to haemorrhage in your finances and relationships?  What are the emotional, physical, social issues with which you struggle on a daily basis?

Whatever the cause, whatever the issue, simply reach out and touch the Hem of the Master's garment; His virtue waits to be released by a simple touch of your faith.

This book will help you touch the heart of God through prayer.  It is your time to begin to press through your own crowd of issues in order to touch the hem of His garment.  There is healing, love and your breakthrough, if you only just touch.

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13. Nov, 2017

Poems for Lovers & Others: The Romance Renaissance is the call for all incurable romantics to finally come out of the closet. 

Given the decline of love in all its various forms, surely it is time - maybe the last time - for us to find and fall in love with love and with each other, once again. 

The launch of Poems for Lovers & Others: The Romance Renaissance, is designed to help point you in the right direction and to encourage you to embark on your own journey, back to love, romance and goodwill to all people.

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13. Nov, 2017

These poignant poems are the echo of God's call to your spirit, heart and mind, to give you guidance, direction and a sense of purpose, in the midst of the madness and mayhem of today's modern world.   If you have tried everything but you feel there is something missing - why not take and make time to be still, in order to listen and attune yourself to the reality of "God Calling

 The following excerpt is from "God Calls"....

“Talk to Me.  I see and feel your heartache and pain.
I understand your unspoken words, I really do.
My heart and hands are always ear
To keep and hold, your life to guide you through. 

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4. Oct, 2017

Introducing a serious and topical publication for Black History Month: BLACK LOVE MATTERS: BLACK TO THE LOVE!   

Here's a little snippet for your delectation:

"This book is a little historical and, in some ways, hysterical.  Hopefully, you will find reasons to laugh, cry and reflect, as you begin to revisit and review the validity and worth of your own love life, in light of all external factors around you.  No, I’m not referring to your sex life, but your love life: what it is and how you can positively promote the notion of “Black Love Matters”, in your own sphere of love and influence ...  I am optimistic that Black Love Matters will somehow and in some way, remind us we are from love, were made in love and ought to live, talk and walk our lives, in love." 

Get your hard or ebook copy of Black Love Matters: Black to the Love from Amazon or order directly from my website for a signed copy.  Let Black Love Matters help you in your own love walk,