13. Nov, 2017


"In the midst of all the stress and strain of our modern world, we seldom have time to hear ourselves thing, much less anyone else!  Yet, if we can be still ~ soul still and spirit still ~ we will hear in our heartbeat, in each breath we exhale….. the Voice we’ve been searching and hoping and believing for…. May “God Calling” be a timely antidote to the sounds of today”… it’s time to be still – for God is calling…" 


 The following excerpt is from "God Calls"....

“Talk to Me.  I see and feel your heartache and pain.
I understand your unspoken words, I really do.
My heart and hands are always ear
To keep and hold, your life to guide you through. 

 These poignant poems are the echo of God's call to your spirit, heart and mind, to give you guidance, direction and a sense of purpose, in the midst of the madness and mayhem of today's modern world.   If you have tried everything but you feel there is something missing - why not take and make time to be still, in order to listen and attune yourself to the reality of "God Calling

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